Most of the IncineratuZ music is avaible to use in Youtube/Twitch!


I cannot give you the rights to use any of the remixes I do not own! For example, VIP remix of "Sunshine" is OKAY to use because I own it, but "Power" is not because I do not own the rights!


To make it simple...


List of what music you can play!

IncineratuZ - Alter Past Future

IncineratuZ - Golden

IncineratuZ - Elements

IncineratuZ - Tranquility Fades

IncineratuZ - Serenity

IncineratuZ - Sunshine

IncineratuZ - Sunshine (VIP Remix)

IncineratuZ - Cold and Flowing

IncineratuZ - Hope

IncineratuZ - Hope (Extended mix)

IncineratuZ - Crystal Shock

IncineratuZ - Maelstrom

IncineratuZ - Diamond Tear






Best of luck for entertaining your audience!